Where to stay:

We've booked a block of rooms at the Best Western Cavalier Inn (phone: 434-296-8111 Jonathan's removed the link and 800 number because there was confusion as to how many rooms were still available. There are still rooms left. Please call soon!). It's within walking distance of the University and the wedding, plus breakfast is included! The rate is $85 per night until April 27 and after that, it's $95 per night. Mention the Toton/Evans wedding.

Other options:

April 27th Update: We don't know what's going on in town on Friday and Saturday nights, but for whatever reason, many of the area hotels are becoming booked quickly.

  • The Omni: booked Friday and Saturday nights This hotel is on the downtown mall and has all the features you'd expect from an upscale Omni hotel. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us book rooms unless we had our wedding there. You can do so yourself, by going to: http://www.omnihotels.com/FindAHotel/Charlottesville.aspx or calling: 888-444-6664.
  • The Boar's Head Inn: booked Friday and Saturday nights This is a local landmark kind of hotel, located just a few miles outside of town, which offers B&B style rooms but also has a golf course adjacent and all the amenities of a hotel. It's on the pricey side, but may be worth the splurge. http://www.boarsheadinn.com/ 800-476-1988
  • Hotels along Route 29: there are many hotels located along Route 29 (the city's main thoroughfare) including all the major names (Holiday Inn, Marriott Courtyard, Hampton Inn, Double Tree etc). Best bet is to try orbitz to find availability or the hotel chain's website directly. All Hilton chain hotels are booked and there is limited availability at a couple Marriott chain hotels.
  • B&Bs and other Inns: The area is showered with several B&Bs although there are only a couple in Charlottesville, and only one isn't booked that we know of: 200 South Street Inn (http://www.southstreetinn.com, 800-964-7008). It's located right downtown and is a good location that you may want to check out. But outside of Charlottesville, there are several other B&Bs. One B&B that I think looks particularly nice is the recently renovated Clifton Inn (www.cliftoninn.net). To find the right B&B for you, try www.bedandbreakfast.com. Be warned though that if you want to stay at a B&B, book early as many of the B&Bs fill up quickly in the area and many become booked for other family and wedding events.

If you encounter any trouble booking a room, please let us know and we'll see what we can do to help!